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Charley Pollard has enjoyed a multi-faceted career. As a composer, he has scored for shows such as CW’s Reaper, CBS’s Chaos, NBC’s Playboy Club and MTV’s Inbetweeners, and he’s written music for dozens of Honda car commercials.  As a scoring mixer, midi orchestrator, percussion programmer and co-composer, he contributed to countless film and TV scores for Emmy and Grammy winning composer, Patrick Williams. He has produced and mixed songs for OneRepublic, done string arranging, drum and keyboard programming and mixing for a variety of artists such as Robbie Robertson, Gloria Estefan and NSYNC. Recently, he did horn arrangements and played trombone on Netflix’ Arrested Development.

While studying jazz performance & arranging at the prestigious University of North Texas music school, Charley also learned the art of recording.   Starting as an assistant in a Dallas commercial recording studio, he soon established his own private clientele, bringing in several of the bands he was involved with to record on off hours. This experience also honed his drum and keyboard programming skills and led to his next move…Los Angeles.

In LA, Charley landed a job as a runner at the Village Recorder and worked his way through the ranks there, also recording and producing bands on his own.  Through contacts at the Village he began writing music for theatrical trailers for Warner Bros, two of which are Batman and Christmas Vacation. This got the attention of composer, Patrick Williams, who wrote beautiful scores using pencil and paper but soon turned to Charley to handle the rapidly changing world of music technology. Over the next 8 years, he was Patrick’s scoring mixer, MIDI orchestrator, drum programmer and sometimes co-writer for dozens of features, TV movies and series.  In addition to the film and TV work, Charley worked closely with Phil Ramone and Patrick on album projects for Gloria Estefan and Frank Sinatra among others.

In addition to working with Patrick, Charley began writing music for commercials and shows on his own. A wide variety of projects came through at this time from doing tracks and string arranging for NSYNC, to writing music for Honda car commercials, to producing Ryan Tedder.

David Schwartz, Emmy and Grammy nominated composer of shows such as Arrested Development and Northern Exposure called Charley to co-compose on a series he was working on. That led to several series that they shared over the next several years.

Meanwhile still passionate to record more live instruments and bands, Charley had a full tracking room designed by renowned acoustician, George Augspurger, and has expanded the recording and producing side of his career since then. The state of the art recording studio, Dragonfly Creek Recording, allows him to continue the opportunity of working on a variety of projects from writing, to engineering and producing on his beautiful ranch in Malibu, CA.