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Gear List


Wunder CM7 GTS w/M7 Capsule
Wunder CM67
Soundelux iFet7
Coles 4038 ribbon
Royer 121 ribbon
(2) AKG 414 bULS
(2) AKG C451b
AKG D112
DPA 4091
(2) Mercenary Audio KM69
(2) Audio Technica AT-4050
Audix i5
(3) Sennheiser MD-421 II
(3) Sennheiser e604
Shure SM7
(5) Shure SM57
Yamaha NS10 woofer (subkick)

Mic Preamps & Outboard Gear

(2) API 3124+ 4 Channel Mic Pres
(2) Avedis MA5 Mic Pre
Shadow Hills- The Equinox dual Mic pre & 32 channel SummingGear 1-API Rack
(2) BAE 1073 Mic Pre and EQ
(2) vintage Calrec PQ 1061 Mic Pre and EQ
(2) La Chapell 583 Mic Pre w/ Jensen xformer
Presonus M80 8 ch Mic Pre
(2) API 550a EQ
(2) Avedis E27 EQ
Retro 176 tube compressor
(2) Distressor EL8X-s Compressors
(2) Purple Audio MC-77 Compressors
Radial JDI Direct Box
Radial SGI Guitar Extender
ReAmp reverse DI

Recording Workstation

Pro Tools HD running PT 11 with 24 channels of analog and 16 channels of digital I/O through Apogee Symphony, Logic Pro 10 run through an RME RayDat digital I/O, all synced with an Apogee Big Ben.

UAD Octo PCI card with Ultimate plugin bundle

Vienna Ensemble Pro server with VSL, L A Scoring Strings, Project Sam, Komplete 9, Silk, Ra, Storm Drum 2, Omnisphere, Trillian, Stylus RMX, Ivory, BFD, Evil Drums, many more sounds

Waves Gold Ren Maxx, McDSP, Sound Toys, Celemony, Altiverb, Auto tune, Drumagog, Oxford Transmod, Ultimate UAD bundle, many more plugins

(3) Euphonix MC Mix 8 fader control surfaces

Shadow Hills – The Equinox Summing Mixer and Monitor Control system

Monitoring & Headphones

Barefoot MM27 Gen 2 Monitors tuned by Bob Hodas through Meyer CP-105 EQ
Yamaha NS10s & Auratone cubes powered by BGW Mil 2DCR Control room 1
Studio Tech Studiocomm 55/56 + (2) model 35 amps

Hearback Pro personal headphone mixer system
Furman HA-6AB + (2) remote stations
(4) Sony MDR7506
Sony MDR V6
(2) Shure SRH840
(2) Audio Technica ATH M50pro
Sennheiser 280pro
Beyer DT770M

Instruments & amps

Yamaha C7 Grand Piano (originally from the Jazz Bakery)
Hammond M3 organ with vintage Leslie 122 rebuilt by Ken Rich
Yamaha Recording Custom Drumset 24” kick, 8,10,12,14,16” toms

Yamaha Absolute Maple 22″ kickTracking Rm 2
Drum Paradise-Black Beauty Hitmaker 6 x 14” Snare
DW – Woody snare
Zildjian 22” Sweet Ride, K Hybrid 18” Crash, New Beat Hats
Fender 1961/65 P Bass
Fender MIJ Strat
Fender Princeton 65 RI
Early 60s Klira German Beatle Bass
F Bass BN5
G & L American Legacy Strat
Heritage 555 Guitar
Takamine EF-325SRC
Ampeg B15s Bass Amp

Ampeg V4 head

Ampeg SVT610 cabinet
Eden Nemesis Bass Amp
Dr Z Maz Jr. separate head & cab
Blankenship Carry On
4 -12” custom guitar cab
Fulltone Fulldrive, & Octafuzz
Xotic AC Plus, SL Drive, BB Bass Preamp
Vox V848 Wah
Electrovoice/Mackie Portable PA
Misc. Balinese Gamelan instruments
Misc. small percussion

Anything not on the list is just a phone call away.